Etheramid is a game. To join you should find inviter and make described on popup transaction. Invite new users and get the reward accordingly to Etheramid contract rules.
Build invitation link in format: Read more about Etheramid on Reddit. Click anywhere to accept and continue.

Join Etheramid using Mist/online wallets/Geth console:

1. Be sure that your online wallet are good for Etheramid. Read FAQ

2. Find your inviter or any current user from the graph

3. Send transaction using provided information in popup


Etheramid is the most honest social invitation game you ever seen. Ethereum algorithm based on contract verified by Ether.Camp. No one can change the logic. Even the owner or developer.


Get Ether back from each invited participant up to 7 levels. More in FAQ.

Join And Invite Or Wait

Invite and build your own Etheramid network. Increase your chances to include new participant exactly in your network.
Or just wait until user randomly selects you as inviter.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now...


Get Answers: Frequently Asked Questions


Do not forget to indicate your Ethereum address in shares for new participants.
Build invitation link in format: